If you are looking for someone that is professional, friendly and dedicated this stylist is the one for you. From the start of her services all the way to the end Jackie was professional, friendly and dedicated. This was my first time hiring a personal stylist and she made the experience very fun and satisfying. She answered all of my questions and concerns, gave great fashion tips as well as advice. I can not wait to follow the steps that Jackie gave me to fulfill my wardrobe. Her services helped me with the first steps to finding myself. I am looking forward to working with her again with future services. Thank you Jackie for your great service and for all the work that you do!


I am a 25 year old living in SoCal, and reached out to Jackie when I was fed up with my hand-me-down clothes, and ready to start fresh with a full wardrobe! I had no idea what I was doing when it came to style, so I gave her a budget, and she stuck as close to it as possible and showed me that one piece can go a long way. I also told her my goal was to have office clothes, but then be able to switch my heels to my rainbow sandals after work, and I was surprisingly impressed! I also always chose size Large in tees, and she showed me how a Medium truly is a better fit. She will show you how to dress for your body, and give you the confidence you are looking for when simply putting on pants each morning. My main take away is that she listens, and then on top of that - she is very affordable! The only downfall I could recall is the impatience I had while waiting for my items to deliver. I cannot wait to see what other future projects Jackie and I create together.


Jackie was a wonderful stylist to work with. She understood my style and was able to choose additions to my wardrobe. She was prompt in replying to me and also in creating my Style Selections. I hope to continue working with Jackie in the future.

It was great to work with Jackie. She was extremely professional, knowledgeable and provided great value for the services. I am excited to continue working with her!
Absolutely loved working with Jackie. She helped me figure out what colors went well with my skin tone and what I should wear for my body type. The color palette and body analysis provided great information when I go shopping. Thanks Jackie!
Jackie is FANTASTIC! She listened to my needs and exceeded my expectations. I felt comfortable asking her any question I could think of and she provided comprehensive resources for me to be able to move forward. I will definitly return to Jackie for future wardrobe and fashion needs!
Jackie is now my Fairy Godmother of Fashion. I just did a body type evaluation & full color analysis with her & couldn't be happier with the results. I've hated shopping since I was an obese kid who had to shop at Lane Bryant by the time she was 12. Even now at almost 35 years old and a healthy weight, I still had no idea how to dress, and I really needed to do an overhaul since my business is taking off. What Jackie does isn't easy, but she makes the process so simple with her streamlined approach. She doesn't speak in fashion lingo either; her reports were super accessible and got right to the heart of what types of clothes & colors I should wear to look my best. This morning I shopped online for an hour & didn't get frustrated or overwhelmed. That's a first. Thanks to Jackie, I was able to narrow down choices for everyday wear and find several simple options to order & try out. In a couple of days, I'm going to a department store for some nicer clothes, and for the first time in my life, I'm not dreading it. I actually feel empowered to get what I need. On top of the incredible results Jackie gave me, the cost was also fantastic. I really shopped around for a personal stylist, and trust me, you will not find a better value for the money than Jackie - no matter where you are in the country.
Working with Jackie has been so terrific! From her first message she was professional and kind. I felt heard and seen which made the styling process safe and fun. I am grateful for Jackie’s expertise in fashion and I continue to learn from her guidance. She has provided much needed support as I have navigated body shape changes due to health issues. Jackie is a gift! Hire her today❤️
Jackie is wonderful to work with - extremely professional and helpful. Her communication is excellent, and her pricing is very fair. She has developed a step-wise approach that is already helping me make better choices with my personal style, and I am endlessly thankful to have this opportunity to work with her. So far I have purchased two of her foundational offerings - body type evaluation and color analysis, and I plan to keep in touch with Jackie for styling updates and special occasion needs. Highly recommend! She is a gem!
Thank you so much Jackie , sometimes you lose your way and I approached Jackie to reinvigorate my style mojo again . She is a very personable lady with a lot of knowledge on what really suits you … We packed a lot into our session , she gave me ideas, straight forward advice whilst also being sensitive to her client and I came away with confidence to wear outfits that had sat idle in my wardrobe. I had a body evaluation and a style session , i was given a detailed report for both . Thank you Jackie , for getting me into trousers again .. helping me look at myself in a far more positive light and bringing back my love of fashion again . I look forward to working with you again on further projects. I would not hesitate to recommend Jackie to anyone looking to feel good again about their style. Thank you Jackie .
I highly recommended choosing Jackie as your stylist. Her passion for this work shines through her professionalism, kindness & attention to detail. Through working with her I also gained vital information necessary to make more efficient style choices when I am out on my own shopping. I will definitely be continuing to work with her as my style grows & evolves. Thanks so much Jackie!
Jackie is a wonderful fashion professional! She is caring and sensitive to her clients needs. She is very organized and emailed me after each session with highlights of everything that we covered in the session. Her body type quiz was really enlightening. Once you learn your body type, it is so much easier to find flattering clothes. Jackie is tuned in to her clients’ personal style and preferences as well as what is in style for different age groups! Jackie makes putting outfits together fun and easy!
Kathy M. Jackie Condura did a wonderful color analysis for me. She really explained beyond the usual seasonal analysis.  This analysis gave me an understanding of my undertone, contrast, chrome, and the colors which really complement my coloring and why. I opted to include Jackie’s patterns analysis, too.  The pattern analysis was very interesting and helpful.  I really feel prepared to review my wardrobe and choose outfits which will help me project my best self! This whole experience was so enjoyable that I decided to treat my best friend to a color analysis by Jackie!
Jackie was great. I had the unique situation of an over-abundance of clothes I needed to sift through and a new job I needed to dress for. We were able to declutter my closet and simplify my wardrobe to meet my needs. The initial assesments (body type, season/color) made it straight forward to organize my closet. From there, Jackie expertly crafted outfits that work for me and fit my personal style.
I'm a mid thirties single woman who was looking to get unstuck in the wardrobe department. I've never poured a lot of time into experimenting with clothes and I didn't want to spend precious free time and energy into figuring out the right fits. However, I felt like the trends were leaving me behind and that the clothes I liked wearing never really looked that great in pictures and were never really quite comfortable enough. I also was concerned with making my look reflect how I feel, and I was worried the clothes I carried over from my 20s and early 30s didn't makes sense for where I was at in life anymore. So, I invested in Jackie's complete overhaul package, and I'm so glad I did! First, for the amount of services I received, it's a really unbelievably great value. I know now what shapes, colors, patterns, textures, and styles look good on me and she's given me great resources for shopping. She was patient with my timeline and even went out of her way to help me prepare a mini-capsule collection for a trip as a value-add. Jackie is sharp, understanding, and clearly an expert stylist. I now feel wayyyyyy more confident in the outfits I wear, and I have a ton of new tools to use to help me pick great clothes for whatever occasion - work, leisure, date nights, trips, etc. Not having to guess or worry frees up a lot of mental bandwidth for my life. It is so amazing what this transformation can do for your peace of mind. I wish I had invested in her services sooner!
Jackie is absolutely wonderful to work with! After meeting with Jackie for the first time, I immediately knew that she understood what I wanted and needed. Jackie recommended a body type evaluation and color analysis. It was a process for me but proved to be invaluable! Our next project is a closet cleanse and styling for our daughter’s upcoming wedding. I cannot wait. She is so patient and encouraging. I have learned so much while working with Jackie.
I treated myself to the 5 Steps To A New You package for my 30th birthday. I've been fashion illiterate and style stagnant since 2020. I am so happy that I did!! Jackie gave me the knowledge needed to shop for clothing that objectively flatters my body and the colors of my features. This provides a confidence and ease when dressing and shopping that I have never experienced before. Jackie guided me through my waredrobe overhaul and recommended new pieces which have elevated my style. Being virtual, Jackie had hours which fit my schedule and significantly cut down on cost (in home services in my area are >1500$ for Closet Cleanse alone). Plus, every session feels like hanging out with a friend. I consult Jackie regularly and plan to continue for the foreseeable (and distant) future!!
Love working with Jackie! So far I did a Body Type Evaluation and she already exceeded my expectations. She’s extremely knowledgeable and professional, and understood all my needs from the start. Her kind and friendly personality makes me feel comfortable asking any questions I can think of. I still have lots to learn about my style and I’m happy to have found talented, dedicated and kind professional stylist like Jackie to help me. I look forward to continue working with her!
I love working with Jackie! I thought I was just coming to her for a closet cleanse but what I got was an evaluation for clothes that match my body shape/type, which is what I really needed! With that I can eliminate items that don't go with my body type and shape more informed when I'm in the stores. Jackie worked with me even though we are on 2 different coasts, I am elated to have found her and can't wait to get back together for my closet cleanse!


Jackie is very organized and thorough- something I needed very much! She helped me go through my closet- evaluated what I had, what I should not keep, and what items would be best to fill the "holes". We discussed the best shaped clothes for my body type and colors for my skin type. I am excited to have the expertise and organizational help since I am a true clothes-lover. Jackie is well worth it ... for all of her services!


Jackie was amazing to work with and her process was so quick and simple! She helped me build my first professional wardrobe from scratch when I didn't even know what I really wanted. She walked me through putting different outfits together and absolutely nailed my style. I plan on using her service in the future and would gladly recommend her.


I set up some appointments with Jackie for my wife for the holidays- she was extremely responsive and helped me set up the right package. Can't wait to connect my wife with Jackie
Jackie worked great with my wife. I highly recommend her, as she's very flexible, empathetic, and great at what she does.

I found Jackie to be highly knowledgeable, professional and most of all, enthused to help. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Jackie was a pleasure to work with. I'm so excited to start my new color journey.


Jackie was wonderful to work with. She was prompt in her responses and put together great options for my daughter.

I enjoyed meeting Jackie. I felt she listened to what I needed and she was very quick analyzing my data and interpreting my needs. I look forward to using her further in the process.
Absolutely LOVED working with Jackie! I was lost in any regard to clothing and style. I didn't like what was in my closet and wasn't sure how to fit or to color according to me. Now, any time I'm looking for clothing I refer back to all the knowledge Jackie has provided me. I was able to lock down my sense of style, what colors look best as well as some staple pieces that I can start piecing outfits together with. I'm looking forward to buying clothes and going out places other than the house in just Nike shorts and a graphic tee. Looking forward to working with her to get my fall/winter wardrobe in line too!